Sunday, July 6, 2008

We've been looking for these for 3 years! Fruity Smarties

We first encountered Fruity Smarties on a trip to Germany - the land of Haribou. Haribou is the company that brings you all different forms of gummy candies. Most notable would be the gummy bear. Does anyone else make the tricolour gummy bear? I like to bite different coloured ones into three pieces and then glue the head to a different coloured torso and then to a different coloured pair of legs. Once when I was a kid, I did this and saved one of them in one of those plastic bubbles that houses the toys you get out of a vending machine at the movies.

I know the idea of fruity smarties sounds gross, but these are surprisingly good. They have a hard candy coating and gummy candy in the middle. Sounds a little like Skittles, but much tastier and a bit bigger.

We found these candies in a imported chocolate and candy store in Copley Place, called Gourmet Boutique:
It's the same store where we first bought a Bacon Chocolate Bar by Vosges. Also very gross sounding but exceedingly tasty.

Here is what they look like in cross-section. You can also see in the picture where I nearly peeled off my own fingernail while peeling carrots. Ouch! I needed to off-set my candy consumption with some beta-carotene.


mini said...

hi jenny- i think there's a haribo rhyme that goes like and adults love it so ..the happy land of haribo!! :)

ps..i think there's a japanese candy that tastes like the fruity smarties. Have u seen it?

Jenny T. said...

Oooooh... I haven't seen the Japanese version. Do you remember the name? My parents are going to Japan in October, maybe they could find them for me. Or my teacher could get her parents to mail me some??