Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fancy pants dining in Toronto - Fuzion

I was staying with a friend who is very conveniently located downtown. It's in close proximity to so many yummy restaurants. We took a little stroll up Church street, past the gay Baskin Robbins to Fuzion Resto-Lounge and Garden. We managed to snag a spot on the patio because our reservation was for 3 and there was only 2 of us.

I had the Grilled Quail. Mini birds but maxi on the flavour. It was really dark by the time we got our entrees, so I had trouble framing the shot. I also had side of garlic sesame rapini for the ruffage and the vitamins.

My dining companion went with the seafood risotto. The scallops were gigantesque!

We were both too full for dessert so we'll have to try that a different time.

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