Thursday, July 10, 2008

クッキー = kukki = cookie

My Japanese language skills are improving, although I think my vocabulary is expanding, the grammar is still very challenging. This was made very obvious to me when I tried writing a "thank-you" card to the parents of my Japanese friend. They came to my Canada Day party and in traditional Japanese style came bearing presents. They gave me some deeeelicious Yoku Moku cookies (kukki) and some beautiful bookmarks with drawings of Kabuki. I drafted up something for Mayumi to check to make sure I wasn't calling her parents, "stinky fish face" or something else insulting. Much giggling ensued because I wrote everything out of order due to my English grammar translating into Jap-lish. Here is the final edited version of my card.

Japanese things are always so pretty -- packaging is esthetically pleasing and there are often opening instructions. Portions are smaller but flavours were delightful. Orangey and lemony goodness.

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