Saturday, July 19, 2008

Land and Sea

Last year I went to the New England Sand Sculpting Festival and took pictures of the crazy sand creatures there. During one of my Japanese lessons, I showed my Japanese friend the pictures and tried to explain what it was like. Then we got on the subject of the famous "Lobster Roll". So I decided that this would be a perfect field trip!

On Revere Beach, which is T-accessible (that's the subway here), stands "Kelly's Roast Beef". It's a local chain and there is also one near the Wellington T on the orange line and also one in the monstrous Jordan's furniture IMAX complex in Natick. Really what more could you need if you have lobster, mattresses and a huge movie screen?! From the name, it doesn't sound like they would have much seafood, but in fact there is a large seafood menu. There is controversy in Boston about where you can get the best lobster roll, but this is definitely one of the front runners. It's not really a fine dining experience as you have to be very vigilant... if you're not paying attention you could get your eye pecked out by a very large sea bird. Some people think that $17.00 is way too much to pay for a lobster sandwich, but with the meat of 2 1 lb lobsters, it seems pretty worth it. Especially when your dining partners are two other small Asian women and our bellies can fill up pretty quickly. We shared a lobster roll and a clam plate.

Here is me showing them how it's done.

As you can see "Kelly's" was one of the sponsors of the competition. I bet Iron Man could put back a few roast beef sandwiches!!

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