Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Monkeying around in the kitchen

As promised, here is my awesome monkey vegetable peeler. I like how he lives on my paper towel dispenser and looks like he is going to climb around in my decorative lucky bamboo. This is the same peeler that I nearly peeled my thumb nail off with in the post about the fruity Smarties. We bought him in Europe but then found out that he is manufactured in Boston. Well, I guess he was meant to come back to his home land with us!

Also along the lines of monkeys is our monkey-scrubbing-pad-holder-thingy. I got him at Economy True Hardware in the North End, where they have a surprising amount of great kitchen tools.

And here is a mango that I sliced up with that blue knife that someone with good taste liked. I love mango and apparently I love all things orange.

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