Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Farmer's Market Finds

Walking around on July 4th in downtown Boston requires some strategic tourist avoidance. The plan has to include getting an early start as people start camping out on the lawn in front of the Hatch Shell to get a good fireworks and Boston Pops viewing spot.

We had plans to do some errands around the Pru, so happened up the farmer's market in Copley Square that is there on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Yummy produce abound! We bought these funky rainbow carrots and some odd coloured beets. I didn't notice the urinary pigmentation this time since they aren't as dark red. Here are the beets, but I won't show you the salad as it was very similar to a salad that I wrote about earlier. I used goat cheese purchased at the farmer's market instead of gorgonzola.

Here are the rainbow carrots.

I made a tasty veggie side using string beans and a citrus marinade (lemon rind, orange rind and juices of both fruits). And served it alongside my beef brisket that I made in my slow cooker.


Leah said...

This comment isn't really connected to this post but I just had to say, I love love love your bright blue kitchen knife and orange cutting board. Lovely together!!

Jenny T. said...

Thanks! It's important to feed the eyes while you are feeding the tummy. You would also then like my orange monkey shaped carrot peeler. I will take a picture and post it for you!