Monday, June 16, 2008

Passage to India

I learned while at my conference that Bethesda, MD is the city with the highest restaurants per capita in the US. The restaurants that I did try were really showing me something including this place, "Passage to India".

Here is the website:

The owners seemed to be there and all the staff very helpful. They were quick to accommodate our request for separate checks as we were all semi-strangers eating together because we were all attending the same conference. The menu is organized by region, which is cool because I don't think I've been to an Indian restaurant where there was so much selection. I was disappointed that there was no paneer on the menu, but I guess that didn't fall into any of the regions?

I had an appetizer that I had never heard of before:

An exotic combination of puffed rice, cilantro, vermicelli, dates and tamarind

This salad was very tasty with lots of fresh flavours.

Followed by:

Chicken with raw mango preserve and pickle spices

And because I am a pickle freak I also ordered a side of pickles. Which was good because they were xxxxxtra spicy!

One of my dining companions had the sampler:
The following Khazanas (treasures) are a selection of our best sellers presented to you on a silver platter. You will be served an assortment of appetizers, followed by an array of entrees accompanied with saffron rice, lentils, raita and topped off by a dessert.
SAMUDRI KHAZANA – Seafood assortments

Overall, a yumtastic experience and I would definitely go back if in the area again!

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