Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Burger Joint - Bethesda, MD

I am forced to eat out for a whole week since I am doing a work thing at the NIH and staying in a hotel that has a mini-fridge and a microwave on the 4th floor, but it seems weird to cook when you don't have any actual utensils.

I walked around the corner from my hotel and found this place called "The Burger Joint" and noticed that on their menu they have a burger called "The Greek" that was featured on an episode of "Throwdown with Bobby Flay". Here is the front of the menu.

I ended up ordering a veggie burger made with brown rice, black beans, oats and molasses. It was mighty tasty, but suffered from the fate of many veggie burgers in that it was very crumbly. I wanted the sweet potato fries, but unfortunately someone in front of me claimed the last box which I guess means that they are pretty fresh. So I settled for regular fries which I saved in the mini-fridge and have been eating soggy and cold as late night snacks.

All in all, a good experience and I'll have to go back to try "The Greek" - it has fresh lamb, tzatziki, mint and feta. Refreshing!

Another nice feature was their biodegradable take out bag made from corn. I'm not sure that this is technically a better way to make a bag, as I've heard it takes more energy? Not really sure about that though. Anyone have any idea?

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