Saturday, June 7, 2008

Konichiwa B*****s

I am learning how to speak Japanese from a friend that moved into my building 9 months ago from Japan. She is the cutest thing and very enthusiastic to practice her English and help me learn her language. I'm really excited because this means she might also teach me how to cook Japanese food! She loves to cook because she thinks the US portion sizes are way too big and also it is not customary to tip in Japan for any service, so she thinks that is a bit weird.

Since starting my lessons, I realized that there is a song out by the very Euro, Robyn, called "Konichiwa B*****s". Okay, come on admit it... you remember her song from the mid 90s "Show Me Love". So let me see if I can include her youtube video of the song below. Oops it ended up above, don't know how to change that.

Anyway... I just want to let Robyn know that she spelled "Konichiwa" wrong in the title -- it should be "Konnichiwa". Also, having pediatrician experience I can't say that I've ever "hammered a toe", although the phenomenon of "hammer toe" does exist and I am a sufferer of this rather unsightly and annoying condition. I really don't know what my new Japanese friend would think of this. I think I'll ask her this afternoon...

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