Tuesday, June 24, 2008

b.good = oh so good

Walking down Newbury street always makes me hungry. It must be seeing all those girls with big huge sunglasses and unhealthy body mass indices (and I mean underweight bordering on anorexic/amenorrheic/osteopenic -- you know the ones I mean, the ones that say, "like" and "ohhhh myyyy gawwwd" so much that it sounds like a vocal tic).

So where better to ensure that I don't go without grub than a healthier "fast food" establishment like b.good. It's a local chain, so sorry all my Canadian friends, but you'll have to come visit me to try it:


Thing is I'm not sure that you could call this fast food because it so yummy and so sans greasiness. This brings up the debate that we had a Christmas this year in Minneapolis re: what constitute "Fast Food". Our consensus was that it had to involve French Fries (or Freedom Fries as people in Boston prefer to call them) and obviously the rapidity of the service is key. So by that definition, b.good qualifies, but when you see what I ate, you may think that it gets disqualified.

So I had a very mildly flavored water that I think is also a local thing. Refreshing, but barely a hint of lemon, so not for those who like the sugary beverage. Tasted like someone had squirted a tiny wedge of lemon into it and that's good enough for me.

Then we shared the Sesame-Ginger Chicken salad which was so fresh and so crunchy. Jicama is my new favourite salad ingredient!

We also shared a Chipotle Chicken Sandwich which was a bit fruity tasting. We concluded that this must be the caramelized onions, but maybe someone can set me straight on this?

Tasty tasty. And fueled me up for more dodging of those stick figures shopping the high-end stores.

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