Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ekiben - Korean/Japanese in Bethesda MD

My last day in Bethesda I was feeling faint/cranky and it was HOT so I decided to grab a bite to eat before dragging my bags from the hotel into D.C.. I always know that when I start to feel worried or start to feel like hyperventilating, the most likely reason is due to hunger. My learned self soothing technique is through food. I also thought it would be a good idea since there were several fires in the Metro due to power failures that morning. Who knows... I could have been trapped in the subway with nothing to eat! Imagine languishing in the underground with no sustenance. Although you can't eat or drink on the Metro in D.C. so the point is moot.

I stopped at Ekiben, which was right across the street from my hotel. I had been there for take-out earlier in the week but ate Japanese, so I thought I'd try the Korean as I had read that it was even better.

At lunch (which is defined as from noon to 4 pm) they have lunch specials and 1$ sushi, so I couldn't resist having some sushi as an appetizer. I was the only one in there since it was way past noon and it came out really fast.

The BiBimBap was very fresh -- crunchy vegetables and tasty meat and eggs. It was really big so I overindulged and then had to sit for awhile during the expansion phase. The sushi appetizer was okay, with pieces that were a little small, but also fresh.

I asked for an itemized receipt since I was going to claim the expenses and I think I caused them to break their cash register. It took two employees to fix it and I admire their patience!

Here is also a picture of what I had eaten earlier in the week. Not as yummy as the Korean food, so I think if I was in the area again I would stick with the Korean side of the menu.

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