Friday, August 15, 2008

Authentic Japanese Feast - Part II

Here I will feature our fish courses of the Japanese meal.

According to my Japanese friends it is much more difficult to find sushi grade fish in Boston as compared to Japan, where it is readily available. That being said, she made some delicious sushi with smoked salmon. The presentation was beautiful, with them being housed in a two tier box. It was like opening a tasty present!

The second fish course was Roasted Mackerel with Herbs. It was again like opening a fish present, as it was wrapped in special Japanese wax paper. Mackerel (or Saba in Japanese) is a very popular fish to eat in Japan. I mentioned to my Japanese pals that while in Munich we ate "Steckerlfisch" which is essentially mackerel inserted on a stick and BBQ'd. They have never dined on it this way, but seemed enthusiastic to try it, especially when I mentioned it washes down well with a big stein of Biru!

The last installment in the trilogy will have the dessert course and a special traditional Japanese breakfast...

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