Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Food, Then Chocolate - Max Brenner

This is probably as close to the modern day Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory as you are going to get.

We saw this restaurant featured on The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Pizza Episode. They just opened up a new location on Boylston St., so of course we had to go check it out! We made reservations for a Saturday night at 6 pm, which was a good thing because it seemed like a lot of people had the same idea. L is depicted here waiting impatiently for the feasting to start.

We started with an order of the kid's mac and cheese. There is a science theme, with many of the condiments arriving in laboratory measuring devices. Syringe marinara appeals to my nerdy side.

I had a Berry Nutty Professor Chocolate Cocktail. Delicious!

For my main dish, I chose the Yummy Baja Style Tacos. One of them is missing you will note. There was a lack of fish, but there was nice crunch and spice.

E ordered the Mexican Jambalaya which was super spicy (not depicted). I made the mistake of biting into a red jalapeno pepper ring thinking it was a red sweet pepper. Thankfully L had a big cup of milk that I cooled myself off with!

We finished off with a Chocolate Chai and a Chocolate Surprise Tiramisu. Note the Erlenmeyer flask with liquid chocolate and the graph paper plate!

There were many fondue options, but flaming pots at the table are generally frowned upon when dining with a toddler. There was a lovely backdrop aroma of burning chocolate and marshmallows as a table close by was having the Smores Fondue!

We'll be back because with such an extensive menu there are too many things that I need to try.

I forgot about my cool dance moves here:


nooschi said...

OMG..first I love those pink glasses, and the video made me LAUGH!! She is toooo cute.

Jenny T. said...

The pink glasses are more function than fashion believe it or not! L is near sighted, so one of her eyes crosses if she is trying to look at things close up. Thankfully these specs correct the issue and she won't need surgery. Yay!

One person asked her in an elevator once if they are Mr. Potato Head Glasses. She walked out of the elevator and said, "tank yuuuu... buh bye!!!"