Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Year?! Birthdays-giving

L is ONE!! Last year at this time, she was smaller than our turkey that was prepared for 2. This year we had a bigger crew of 6 adults and she definitely outweighed the turkey. In fact, she started at a mere 5 lb 8 oz and now weighs in at 19 lb 8 oz.

I didn't want to have a whole cake to accompany the ridiculous amounts of Thanksgiving food, so I opted for cupcakes. Everyone says that you should have a "smash" cake for the birthday peanut anyway so cupcakes make sense.

What is better than having the cupcakes delivered right to your door in a van decorated with a cartoon panda? You can order them online and this satisfies my desire to never speak to a real person when making purchases. One of L's baby friends even called at the last minute to have her 1-year old cake special ordered and they were able to deliver (and deliver!). Great!

This was essentially L's first encounter with a confectioner's sugar and butter melange, so when we first placed it in front of her, I think she was unsure whether or not it was edible. Once I broke it up, she figured it out quickly.

The adult favorite was definitely the red velvet. They have lots of unique flavours like the "boozy" themed which is on our list to try next.

Thanks for helping us make birthdays-giving extra special!


Victoria said...

Adorable pictures! We were delighted to make the cakes for your daughter's birthday and look forward to making her more as she gets bigger!

mini said...

happy birthday L! what a cutie :)

Jenny T. said...

Thanks Victoria and Mini! Those cupcakes have given her the strength to start making some walking attempts, so look out Boston!

Mini: I see that you are about to have a little peanut of your own. Congratulations and good luck. Just remember to breathe! That helps with so many mommy things... pain, crying, sleeping, I could go on and on!

Fatmamma said...

Cakeology! Leave it to you to find a bakery that delivers! Who can believe that more than a year has passed. We have to have a 1 and 1/2 birthday for an excuse to order more cupcakes.