Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crunchy, Salt, Pepper and Vinegar Kale Chips

We got a huge bunch of kale from Boston Organics on Friday and I wasn't totally psyched about it, until I saw this recipe for Kale Chips.

I modified it a little by not adding very much salt (used sea salt) and also adding pepper for some spiciness. Pretty tasty, I must say. I bet I could even get L to try it because she loves all things crunchy... all the better to crunch with (using all 8 of her choppers!)

But right now, she's too busy playing with her cardboard box from Target.


nooschi said...

Mmmm..those look good..and healthy too! Congrats on your baby! Was crazy to catch up on your blog and read about so much that has happened in your life. Definitely a good excuse to be MIA! L is absolutely adorable...congrats again!

Jenny T. said...

Thanks! Yes, a hiatus at times has definitely been necessary!! Cooking and dining with 3 has its challenges, but the learning curve has been steep and at times a little wiggly.