Saturday, May 24, 2008

What rhymes with "hungry"?

I can't seem to find many words that truly rhyme with this word. There are a lot of cousin rhymes but so far, a quick google search reveals "angry" and "sundry". The online rhyming dictionary I found says that no perfect rhymes can be found. Can anyone think of others?!!

Also interesting is that a bunch of hits for the Busta Rhymes song, "Survival Hungry" come up. I now need to see what said song sounds like.

I am often very hungry. People think that I either have an intestinal parasite or that I am a binge/purge type. None of the above, thank you! I just like to eat, cook and think about food. But I am often hungry for other things... many of which I plan to share.

Thanks for reading and now it's time for a snack.

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