Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gin Lemon Rickey

The new refreshing drink of the summer is my concoction the Gin Lemon Rickey.

I employed the "Flavour Shaker" that I bought in a very Euro kitchen store in Amsterdam. It is a kitchen tool made by Jamie Oliver, hence the "ou" in "flavour" (but also because I am Canadian). I don't think it was made to make drinks but essentially it looks like a black Barbapapa that can serve as a mortar and pestle. For more information, see:

Here I mashed up some mint with ice cubes in the implement, then added gin, lemon bubbly water and enjoyed on a hot summer day.

Some famous characters who enjoy the traditional lime rickey:
-Mr. Burns
-Tony Soprano
-people in "The Great Gatsby"
-Karen from "Will and Grace"


Paul S. said...

Dude, that's not a lime rickey, it's a FlavourShaker mojito.

Jenny T. said...

Ummmm... Mojitos are made with Rum are they not? So FlavourShaker Rickey? It sounds like it was made my Ricky Martin.