Saturday, May 31, 2008

Minty Crispy Treasures

A special edition M&M treat has come out to celebrate the new Indiana Jones movie. When we heard about this, we scoured the city to come up with at least one small bag of the candies.

We went to Sugar Heaven, CVS, City Convenience and came up cold. Some websites said that K-mart was carrying them, but not wanting to trek out to the suburbs, we resorted to ordering a huge box of them over the internet from a store called Candy Land.

They arrived yesterday and they did not disappoint! They are bigger than we thought they would be and have a nice mint chocolate flavour with some small rice crisps embedded within the chocolate. Indy would approve.

Here is what the packaging looks like.

Individual candies have imprints of different archeologic symbols on them. Very satisfying. I'll try to not devour all bags by next week!


Anonymous said...

çok güzel resimler varmış


kurye said...

onların tadı çok güzel m&m's nin

Jenny T. said...

Wow... My first two comments and I can't even read them! Extra points to the first person who can tell me what these comments say in English. I hope it's not dirty.

Melissa said...

Hey! I'm the manager of the Montreal Sugar Heaven and we've had them for about a month! They're amazing :)

Jenny T. said...

Hi Melissa! That's cool... I'm Canadian! I live in Boston now and the Sugar Heaven here on Newbury definitely didn't have them, but maybe they were out of stock. My boyfriend is going to Montreal next week, so maybe I'll get him to swing by and bring some down -- along with some Tim Horton's!