Monday, October 6, 2008

Now We're Cookin' With Gas - Seared Scallops

My new gas stove and I are just getting to know each other. Up until this point, I've never lived in a place with a gas stove and always marveled at how fast things cook when I've been at a pal's place who had one. I've had to modify my cooking timing somewhat with all this hot hot heat. The good news is that my new kitchen is a lot skinner than my old one, so I'm never too far away from what could be boiling over or burning.

To test the burn potential, I thought I'd try something seared, so picked these juicy looking scallops on my last online shopping spree at Peapod. For a great overview of the Peapod shopping experience, check this out. Some may think it is odd to buy seafood online that then spent time in a truck on the way to my house for who knows how long, but I survived with no red tide to report.

3/4 lb of fresh scallops on Peapod - $15.99/lb. Did I get ripped off here? Who cares, cause they were deeeeelicious.

Here is what they looked like searing and seared.

And what they looked like on a bed of veggies just before going to bed in my belly!

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mini said...

Thanks for linking to me!

The scallops look yummy btw. I have an electric stove and it's impossible to sear! Or maybe I am just not such a good cook hehe