Saturday, October 4, 2008

Autumnal Crafts - Shrunken Apple Heads!

I don't normally like Martha Stewart but here is something that I saw on that was Martha Stewart inspired that I got really excited about.

Shrunken apple heads! I remember making these with my babysitter when I was a wee one. She had a little wooden rocking chair and would make little bodies for them and everything. I am not that crafty, but I thought I would try it out since I am having a Halloween/Housewarming at the end of the month and these shrunken heads would add to the decor.

Assemble the ingredients for the shrunken head making. Essential items are the lemon and the salt so that the apples don't get all brown and nasty.

Here is what my apple heads looked like on the day of their birth...

And what they look like at two days old.

The green one started to get a little mold growth because I think I didn't have them stored in a dry enough place, but I tried to salvage him by carving off the mold. (image not shown because it was a little icky) I will post their progress through puberty into ripe old age over the weeks to come...

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mini said...

oops sorry previous comment was mine, I accidentally posted with my friend's account.

I've never seen shrunken apple heads before. Can't wait to see them as they "age" hehe