Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is it bad luck to eat Rabbit?

Happy New Year!! Informal reader poll: Is it unlucky to eat rabbit this year, or just rabbit foot?

We celebrated the Lunar New Year by attending the Lion Parade downtown this afternoon. There were multiple lions and lots of lettuce and oranges being thrown. In fact, I got hit in the forehead with a mandarin orange as I left Pho Hoa. Actually, I walked into it because it was hanging from the door frame. Yes, I'm that clumsy.

It's good to know that Pho Hoa is also known as the Health Conscious Choice. Which means that anyone who is currently following the 4 hour body, should be okay. Please DO NOT interpret this as my endorsement of this weirdo's philosophies. That would be very un-academic and un-evidence based of me.

I'm surprised that the firecrackers didn't freak L out more. She was completely unphased by the noise. The smoke actually set off the fire alarm in the restaurant and we sat through some loud beeping and flashing lights for most of our meal.

It was a bit like dining in a Vietnamese-themed rave. I wonder what would have happened if there was an actual fire going on in the kitchen because no one eating made any movement towards the doors. I guess the food was that good.

I found it rather reassuring that the Boston Police Officer who was supervising the parade (at time and a half I presume), knew the restaurant owner by her first name. So I'm guessing that he would not let us burn to death while eating vermicelli bowls and banh xeo.


mini said...

Happy Lunar New Year!

Nothing gets between diners and their pho! lol ... craving some now bleargh

Jenny T. said...

Pho Sho' and Pho' Shizzle. Bad Vietnamese noodle humor. Man the broth is the best isn't it?