Monday, January 31, 2011

A Surprise Treat!

Who says that commenting on blogs never gets you anything! Not me anymore... I left a comment on Christine Koh's blog about these cool wall decorations and I won a free set of them! I never win anything!! And it was very timely because L had been particularly cranky that day due to a new molar coming in and this momma was about to lose it.

So here is what I won. We have a very blank wall space that is perfect for it, so as soon as it arrived, I put it up. Well actually I waited for L to take a nap because despite her best efforts, often it is just easier to do these things myself right?!

What a sustainable treat! You can move them around, swap them out for different ones and because we rent, there is no need to paint! Perfect for us urban folk right? Looks like a bomb went off in our dining room, but that is the price you pay for having a creative toddler.

All this decorating makes me hungry, so we toodled over to the Pru and had some noodles at Wagamama. Yum!


Boston Mamas said...

Hi Jen, thanks for the shout out and I'm thrilled that you and your daughter love the Pop & Lolli wall art. And I love drawing winners who typically never win anything. :-)

Thanks for being part of the Boston Mamas community! -Christine

Fatmamma said...

Nice, you won something!! I only ever won a bottle of Champagne by doing the Charleston with a very tall man who had a scary good high kick. So I don't count that. I look forward to moving the stickers.

We need to have brunch at that new place on BH with the babes so L can teach J to eat something besides cheerios!!

mini said...

the decals are so cute! the only thing i won was a $50 blockbuster gift certificate back in college a looong time ago hehe

ps: i love L's dress :)

Jenny T. said...

Thanks for the comments ladies!

Mini: that dress is from Target! The Circo line. I'm hoping that she lets me buy all of her wardrobe from Target until she is 18. Doesn't seem so realistic though!

mini said...

ooh i love target :) i have a bunch of circo clothes for C too hehe. target also carries the splendid littles line... not sure if u've seen it. but so adorable for little gals!