Friday, April 16, 2010

My Own Little Boston Organics Baby

It's dreary and I have so much work to do that I don't know where to start. But to reverse the blues I'm listening to "B is for Bob" - a Bob Marley CD that I got at the BPL -- L likes Bob Marley because it is upbeat and kind of like a lot of peppy kid songs is it not?

Instead of doing the easiest thing first like I usually do - I'm right now working on something that is going to distract me from the blahs -- my own little organic baby and thinking about what I should feed L first instead of MIIIIILLKKKK!

Here is what the Boston Organics box looked like before she jumped in...

I hate Anne Geddes vegetable babies, but who can resist my own little organic cute peanut butter banana!


Jeff Barry said...

CUTE!! Can I post a link to this on our facebook page?

-Jeff (owner/founder)

Jenny T. said...

Sure!! She loves the attention! Or rather, her momma and da da love it!


Jeff Barry said...

It's been posted. Thanks!

Mindy said...

Hi Jenny,

What an amazing photo - can I email you about it?

can't seem to find your contact info...

I'm working with Boston Organics and wanted to have a copy.

Mindy Harris

Jenny T. said...

Hi Mindy,
Thanks! Glad you like the photo. How can I get in touch with you so that we can chat about it?

Mindy said...

Hi Jenny,

Ah! Just checked again for your response. Thank you so much!! Please email me at and I'll send along my phone number and we can chat.

Really appreciated. Super cute photo!