Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hot Chorizo and Salad with Mustard Sprouts

My mustard sprouts have sprouted and we finally got around to cooking the rest of the sausages that we got at Karl's Sausage Kitchen.

The mustard sprouts were surprisingly mustard-y which is a good thing since my favourite condiment is mustard!

The hot chorizo were not so much hot as they were nicely seasoned, but went very well with the curry ketchup and Sparkling Lingonberry and Apple Juice that we got at Karl's.

Nothing like a weekend to catch up on all the things that you actually want to do/eat!


nooschi said...

Your sprouts look awesome. I'm seriously considering getting myself one of those contraptions. Sausages also look good.

Jenny T. said...

I was pretty happy with how the mung bean sprouts and the mustard green sprouts turned out. Then I got overzealous and put too many of the zesty salad sprout seeds in the sprout house and I think they overgrew and got too hot?/damp? or something because it looked like a bit of a horror show in there. I won't freak you out with more of a description or any photographic evidence, but let's just say it's better to make sure that if you want to give it a try, then only put a thin layer of seeds in the "house" so that they have room to breathe!

I'm thinking of trying to grow the next batch in the fridge (although I don't know if that will make them grow really slowly) or a cooler/less lit area of the house to see if that makes a difference. I'll let you know if I have success! It's pretty fun nonetheless - a little home science experiment!