Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MSP airport treats

Now that you can't bring liquids over 3 oz through security and nearly all of the airlines charge you for snacks, I've been buying a lot more exorbitantly priced items at various airport newsstands. This is in the hopes that en route I don't a) dehydrate and b) get hunger induced crankiness. To justify spending silly amounts of money on water and snacks I thought I would splurge on these two never-before-tasted-by-me items.

I am a sucker for bubbly flavored waters and can go through 10 bottles of 1L Zazz Seltzer Water in under a week, so I thought I might enjoy this very attractive looking bottle of Metromint. I picked up a bottle of the tangy Lemonmint because the thought of chocolate mint flavored water seemed a bit too weird for me. The label seemed to promise that I would feel excessively refreshed after drinking the bottle.

Well... the verdict is that the lemonmint smelled a lot like lemon, but tasted a lot like minty toothpaste water. I'm still not quite sure if that is a good thing. I'm leaning towards the negative on this one.

I also picked up this chocolate bar which I have yet to sample because I thought that it would make me thirsty and I didn't want to drink anymore of the toothpaste water! I think the reason that I picked this bar in particular was that I was hoping that after eating it, it would make me wise and kick-ass like Yoda. It still sits in my purse waiting for me to feel the need for a Jedi mind trick!


Anonymous said...

You're gonna love the chocolate. It's the best chili-chocolate bar I've ever tasted, and I've had quite a few of them.

Leah said...

I'm sad that metro mint wasn't all that. I've been dying to try it but haven't really found it available around Boston. I drink too much diet soda and was hoping to find a healthier, refreshing alternative. Bummer!

Jenny T. said...

The chocolate bar was awesome... I had forgotten about it being in my purse until I was riding the bus home from work and then started to get hungry. I just nibbled about a quarter of it because it was just before dinner and mamma always told me not to spoil my appetite. It had a nice slow afterburn to it.

Leah -- maybe you would like the Metro water. My husband liked it a lot more than I did, but then again he is an obsessive tooth brusher so maybe he has dulled his taste buds for mint?! I think that if it was a lot colder, or served on ice it would be more refreshing. It would probably taste pretty good with some rum or vodka, but that's probably not what you were looking for in terms of a substitute for diet soda, right?