Thursday, May 28, 2009

Squashsghetti with Lamb Balls

My actual job has been getting in the way of food documentation. It's not that I haven't been eating anything. Quite the contrary. I guess I just haven't felt motivated to be at the computer when the weather is nicer and when I've spent the day inside at work. But today is New England chilly so I'm stayin' inside. This meal I prepared back in MARCH!! Or at least that's what iPhoto claims.

Who loves Spaghetti Squash?!! I do, I do!! Who loves lamb balls?! Not lamb testicles, but ground lamb meat in ball form. Put them together and you get: Squashsghetti with Lamb Balls!!

Bake the squash as per spaghetti squash instructions and then run a fork through it to get what really does look like spaghetti without the carbo-load and with more crunch to it.

While I bake the squash, I make lamb balls following roughly a recipe for meatballs that I got from Rachel Ray, but then modified A LOT, because me no likey her that much. I added some cinnamon and cumin I think because those are lamb-y type spices.

Usually when I make meatballs with 3 meat mix (the meatloaf mix), the secret ingredient is Sriracha chili sauce, but I think I left that out because that is not so lamb-y. The key with my balls is that they are baked as per the evil Ray recipe.

Put it together and you have lamb-y squashy goodness!


nooschi said...

I love spaghetti squash and lamb! Your dish looks delicious. I'm sick with a cold, too lazy to cook, and it is cold outside. This is making me hungry!

Jenny T. said...

Happy to hear that this is making you virtually hungry but not happy to hear that you are sick. I would mail you some, but don't think it would fair too well. You should order some hot and spicy soup for take out!! That's good for colds isn't it?! Feel better...