Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh No! A Mr. Bill Birthday

One of my pals, who is an amazing hostess, was throwing a b-day party for the man friend. I submitted an evite challenge to come up with a theme as all birthday parties have themes don't they? Or maybe this is a phenomenon that is supposed to end once you enter the double digits of age.

In response to the challenge, she very appropriately rose to the occasion and decided that she would craft a Mr. Bill cake out of fondant! Having never worked with fondant, she was quite intimidated, so contacted a pastry chef friend for advice. This friend quickly responded to her by saying, "I HATE fondant!!". Oh Nooooooo!! I don't think this was the response that she was looking for. She persevered, since she is a trooper and must really like this man friend and the result was fantastique!!

Mr. Bill emerged from his foil protective covering and proceeded to light it up at the party.

Birthday boy had a hard time making the initial incisions but was soon enjoying serving Mr. Bill up to the hungry party guests.

Here are some of the other delicious party offerings!

Prosciutto wrapped melon:

Tomatoes with yummy stuff on top (tapenade, pesto, hummus -- I think):

Vegetable frittata-like thing:

Toothpicks with more yummy stuff (mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts):

Everything was so delicious... and especially Mr. Bill! Thanks F! And Happy Birthday!

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