Saturday, November 15, 2008

Burnt Marshmallow Hot Chocolate (parental guidance advised)

I bought a bunch of Halloween themed Peeps intending to make Ghost Hot Chocolate, but everyone was too stuffed after eating the food that we never got around to making it. A few years ago, we inherited a culinary torch from a friend that was moving overseas. I don't make many desserts that require torching, so the torch has stayed in the original packaging until I had a very morbid yet delicious idea for its use.

I was a bit of a pyromaniac as a child. I never really burnt anything of significance down, but as my older brother will tell you, we used to spend a lot of time frying various critters of the insect kind with a magnifying glass in the backyard and also putting grapes in the microwave to start little mini-globe shaped fireworks. I also distinctly remember my brother putting a piece of raw meat near an open window with a screen and flaming the mosquitoes that landed outside with a lighter and an aerosol can. It's a wonder that we didn't turn out to have antisocial personality disorder with all the torturing of insects we did as children, but I guess that applies more to kids who torture animals that are cuter than bugs. Anyway, I digress.

I much prefer the taste of charred marshmallows to just melty ones. I know that the carbon is a carcinogen, but it's not as if burnt marshmallows are a staple of my diet, so I figure just once in awhile is okay.

So here goes, step-by-step:

1) Make some hot chocolate and buy some marshmallows (peeps or otherwise)

2) Float marshmallows in HC

3) Fire up your torch! Boooooooooo!!!

4) Ooh! A little too burnt, but smells lovely!

5) Turn crisped mallow over to get other side which will be a little harder to torch because it is wet, but will look quite lovely and inviting to drink!


James Truong said...

I want a separate Tag for posts that reference me or my family! I think I'm up to at least two.

FYI, I don't satisfy criteria number 1 of the Mcdonald Triad, and neither did you...I think. We're not Antisocial PD. We just like FIRE FIRE FIRE.

BTW, there is a Hindu Goddess that rhymes...

Leah said...

OMG this is kinda genius and YUM!!!

Chef E said...

Once my hubby and son were at someones house right after Halloween and we had grilled, we said "whats for dessert", and then they said all they had was Peeps, so I made skewers out of wire hangers, and we grilled them like marsh mellows on a campfire...I felt kind of bad sticking the whole row of yellow chicks and bunnies with the hanger, but they were good!