Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In Search of Fish Tacos in San Francisco

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in San Francisco and I thought I should eat some less creamy and puffy than Beard Papa, so it was suggested by Eric's twin brother that we go check out the Ferry Building since it would have many different options for our fickle party of five.

He mentioned a Mexican place he had been wanting to try and we all made a B-line for Mijita Cocina Mexicana. People in Boston often complain about the lack of good Mexican fare. I am a fan of the fish taco so I'm always thinking of my lightly battered deep fried friend whenever I approach a Mexican place and this one was definitely not disappointing.

The carnitas was also filled with porky goodness.

I wanted to wash it all down with a Mexican Squirt, which sounds really nasty, but I think it is just Sprite? They were out of Squirt, so I had to settle for a Mexican Coke, which tasted a lot like "American" Coke, but I think it had a different sweetener. Who knows...

Then we went to mall and watched this paper mache Godzilla chow down on this poor mannequin. He looks like he enjoyed this almost as much as I enjoyed my fish taco!

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James Truong said...

Technically, Beard Papa is the English version of Barbapapa...but they're SO DIFFERENT!